Media Matters, Lefty Propaganda Sites Lose Top Donor

Is there trouble in paradise?

You may not be aware of the name "Democracy Alliance," but you know who they are. It's an organization that gathers liberal 1%ers and tells them which other leftist organizations they should give their tax-deductible "charitable" donations to. George Soros? Yup. Founding member of the Democracy Alliance. It was founded as a way to control where liberal 1% money would go so that it would have the most impact. Apparently, recent decisions as to where the money goes have left a certain major donor - Peter Lewis, founder of Progressive Insurance - with a bad taste in his mouth.

In February, HuffPost reported that the Democracy Alliance had changed its donation strategy and dropped some progressive groups from its top tier, raising concerns that the group was aligning itself with organizations closely tied to the White House, such as the Center for American Progress and Media Matters for America, at the expense of groups that challenge the Democratic Party to be more progressive.

Uh oh. I guess being blatant shills for Obama isn't good for business. What's scarier is that there are uber-rich leftists who think Obama isn't "progressive" enough. But don't you dare call the modern day leftist a "socialist!" Keep all this in mind next time you hear one talking about how Republicans won't compromise. It's clear the left isn't interested in compromise. They want a marxist utopia - which can never exist - and aren't happy that our pesky form of government won't let it happen.

The broader picture here is that organizations like Media Matters and ThinkProgress (CAP) pander to the "Occupy" crowd, for example, when in reality they only use them to further their political agenda to elect Democrats. Somehow, these organizations are tax-exempt "non-partisan" when they're clearly in the tank for Obama. 

Couple all of that with the fact that mainstream media outlets will parrot the narrative crafted by the likes of Media Matters, and you get a clearer picture of what we call the Democrat Media Complex. The media, these leftist organizations, and the Democratic Party are all part of it. I'm sure there will be other leftist 1%ers who will step up and take Peter Lewis' place - and there's nothing preventing him from donating to groups on his own - so these little ideological battles won't mean much when it comes to the amount of money being donated.

The key here is just how intertwined many of these organizations are with Obama's re-election effort and the media. It's so bad that hardcore leftists like Peter Lewis are balking. That should tell you something.


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