ABC News Correspondent: Trayvon Shot 'Because He Was Black'

ABC News has already been caught red-handed attempting to aid and abet Obama's national campaign to community organize America by inflaming racial divisions, and now a series of Tweets from ABC News correspondent Matt Gutman, one of the network's lead reporters on the Trayvon Martin story, gives us a first-hand look at the biases and preconceived notions that have sprung up in ABC's abysmal (and corrupt) reporting from the beginning.

From March 13:


This is a so-called reporter for a major network tweeting out publicly -- before knowing all the facts -- that George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin because he was black.

Sister Toldjah found even more examples of bias in Gutman's Twitter feed: 

Prepare to hear the chilling 911 tapes frm Martin shooting. Neighborhood watchman stalks him shoots him down. Screams help! On @GMA


Petition for arrest of neighborhood watch "captain" who stalked, shot dead Martin now 200K. @ABC found police bungle investigation.

It's bad enough that ABC has someone covering this case who is obviously incapable of any kind of objectivity, but Gutman also appears to have a problem with the American ideal of innocence until proven guilty.

Be sure to visit Sister Toldjah. Gutman sucking up to Wycleaf Jean is especially funny, and my thanks to citizen journalist "SimonTemplar" for bringing this to our attention.

NOTE: Though no one has disputed the facts of this story, I was remiss in not pointing that Gutman's Twitter account is not a verified account.


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