NBC Contributor Jokes On Air: Palin Hit On Me

NBC and their on-air talent's abysmal history when it comes to the treatment of women and minorities (and Hispanic Democrats) has been well documented, and this morning viewers at MSNBC were treated to yet another example of the network's chivalry, courtesy of Donny Deutsch:

"The first time I actually met the governor in person -- it was weird, she asked for my telephone number," Deutsch, who appeared this morning with Palin on the Today Show, deadpanned on Morning Joe. "I don't know what the hell that was about."

I don't care who it is or what party she hails from, Governor Sarah Palin is a former Governor, a former Vice Presidential nominee, and most importantly, a married mother of five. Which makes you wonder what the atmosphere at NBC is like for this kind of humor to be tolerated in a break room, much less on the air

Doesn't anyone ever give any thought to the effect this kind of talk has on Palin's family, most especially her young children?

You might want to write this sorry episode off as just another left-wing jerk being a left-wing jerk, but the politics behind it are actually more complicated and calculating.

Objectifying and turning Governor Palin into a sexualized punchline is a way to marginalize her as a political force. It's also something the left has been doing since she first arrived on the national political scene in 2008 and gave Obama supporters the scare of the campaign as the McCain/Palin ticket pulled ahead in the polls. 

Palin's never been forgiven for this by the left or the media, which is why the kind of talk that sexualizes her is both tolerated and encouraged in the media ... and their favorite talking heads


NBC News Contributor Deutsch Jokes That Palin Hit On Him


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