Current TV Files Countersuit Against Keith Olbermann

Current TV followed its criticism of Keith Olbermann's suit today by lawyering up and filing a countersuit against Olbermann

Current TV on Friday counter-sued former host Keith Olbermann, claiming he failed to perform his duties for the progressive television network and saying it does not owe him "a dime" of the millions Olbermann claims he is owed.

In its counter-suit filed on Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Current attorneys fired back, claiming Olbermann "willfully" failed to show up for work and did not help create new programming or promote the network as he'd agreed to do when taking the job roughly a year ago. 

"Current seeks a determination that it is no longer obligated to pay a dime to Mr. Olbermann who, having already been paid handsomely for showing up sporadically and utterly failing to keep his end of the bargain, now seeks to be paid tens of millions more for not working at all," the network's attorneys wrote in their suit. 

Among the key allegations Current cites is that Olbermann took unauthorized vacation time - the network said he worked only 19 of 41 business days in January and February - and refused to work on Current's U.S. presidential caucus and primary election coverage as he was asked to do. Current claims it first notified Olbermann he was in breach of contract back in October of 2011, but problems persisted

The fledgling network described Olbermann's $70 million dollar suit as "malicious." 

Olbermann denies Current's claims, saying he never missed work without permission and fired off personal insults in his complaint:

After being enticed to leave MSNBC and come to Current with promises of editorial control, freedom from corporate influence, and the professional support to produce a high caliber political commentary show of the type his viewers (sic) have come to expect, Keith Olbermann was disheartened to discover Al Gore, Joel Hyatt, and the management of Current are no more than dilettantes portraying entertainment industry executives.

Would anyone like some popcorn as two of the biggest meatheads in cable news duke it out? One behaves as though he invented broadcasting, the other claims he invented the Internet. 

If Current airs this hot mess their ratings problems will be solved


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