Media Matters: Breitbart News' Explosive Growth Makes It Top Conservative Website


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Today, Media Matters featured Breitbart News in its front-page salvo against conservative media, which it labeled a “racket,” following in the footsteps of discredited former conservative Joe Scarborough of MSNBC. Media Matters acknowledged the explosive growth of Breitbart News:

[I]n at least one month this fall passed its rivals to take the lead as the highest trafficked right-wing news site …. was an important piece of the right-wing media bubble that kept conservatives blissfully unaware of major events during the 2012 election and focused on flawed efforts to "vet" President Obama.

Media Matters goes on to criticize Breitbart News for its hiring of reporters Matthew Boyle and Kerry Picket, both important additions to the Breitbart News team.

Media Matters has operated as a propaganda arm of the Obama administration throughout President Obama’s tenure; Breitbart News has monitored Media Matters’ involvement in a quasi-official game of targeting Obama political opponents for astroturfed boycotts. It’s no wonder that Breitbart News is at the top of their hit list. 


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