Anthony Weiner's Disdain for Women Goes Beyond Twitter Hijinks


Anthony Weiner

Congressman Anthony Weiner was forced to resign in disgrace after Andrew Breitbart exposed the politician's penchant for Tweeting sexually explicit photos to various women.

Now, Weiner is running for Mayor in the Big Apple, but The Washington Times' Emily Miller warns New Yorkers that Weiner's sexually demeaning tactics didn't just involve social media.

Miller reports of a insulting gesture Weiner gave to a female reporter years earlier as well a sexually aggressive interview he conducted with her after his texting scandal erupted.

The Washington Times White House Correspondent Susan Crabtree once confronted Weiner regarding his possible defense of Rep. Charles Rangel regarding an ethics charge.

Ms. Crabtree asked him if he would be speaking in Mr. Rangel’s defense that day. He replied that she had not verified that detail in her story. She told him that she had had two very good sources that said, exactly as she wrote, that he was considering speaking.

Mr. Weiner then gave her the middle finger — in front of all the other reporters — and quickly walked away.

The second incident found Miller speaking with Weiner about his Twitter-based scandal, a time when Weiner insisted he was innocent. Miller managed to capture the exchange on tape.

Miller: Are there pictures out there of you undressed? Do you have pictures that exist?

Weiner: You know this is part of the problem with the way in which this has progressed and one of the reasons that I was, perhaps — you’ll forgive me — a little bit stiff yesterday. [Laughter as Weiner smirks at a male reporter.]

Miller: Jesus Christ.

Later, Weiner suggests Miller step closer to him as part of the interview.

Weiner: I am trying to find out, and I think I have taken steps to do so. If you’ll forgive me, I know we’re now in the weeds of a particular issue. If you can take a step back — not literally — you can step as close as you like.


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