Larry Elder to Piers Morgan: Wouldn't Mind Having a George Zimmerman in My Neighborhood

During a July 17 appearance on Piers Morgan Live, radio host Larry Elder told Morgan he wouldn't mind having a George Zimmerman in his neighborhood.

After absolutely lambasting Morgan for what he sees as "race-baiting," "nonsense," and "making black people feel as if they're under siege," Elder broke from Morgan's attempt to drag him off point and said that if we had a few more George Zimmerman's we might find we have a few less situations like the one in Ohio, where Ariel Castro imprisoned and repeatedly raped and tortured three girls for over a decade.

I think I'd rather have a George Zimmerman living in my neighborhood, and maybe if George Zimmerman were living in my neighborhood we'd have a few fewer Ariel Castros.

I thought we wanted people to be pro-active? I thought we wanted people to see something, say something? 

Amid continued interruptions by Morgan, Elder said: "You're treating George Zimmerman like he's a criminal. He's not a criminal, he's a guy who cares about his neighborhood."

At one point in the interview, Morgan was so fed up with the way Elder continued to make point after point without answering his questions that he accused Elder of filibustering. To this Elder replied: "I'm not filibustering. I'm just trying to make some common sense [comments] that I'm not hearing on your show."

Watch the segment here:

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