Gallup: Democrat Party Approval Drops Single Point From Record Low

What a difference a single point makes. 

The news that the Republican Party hit record low approval ratings in the Gallup tracking poll made all kinds of headlines this week, and justifiably so.  But one point this way and another, and it would be the Democrats dealing with the "record low" headlines, because that same Gallup poll that shows the GOP at record lows also shows the Democrat Party just a single point above its own record low of 40%.

Republican approval is still 12 points lower at 28%.

In a just world without a miserably corrupt media, the media would have reported on the  Democrats' obvious woes just as loudly as they did the Republicans'.  

A single point is, after all, a distinction without a difference.

It was just the Republicans' misfortune that the numbers fell the way they did and that the media is what it is.



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