Will Obama Reprise Fort Hood Whitewash of Islamic Terror?

On Monday, March 19, Mohamed Merah drove up to a Jewish school on this motorcycle and shot and killed a rabbi and his two sons, and then chased down a 7-year old girl, held her up in the air by her hair, and videoed himself shooting her in the head at point blank range. 

At various times during the course of these shootings, Merah was heard shouting “Allahu Akbar.” He also killed three French soldiers, because they were part of a military he viewed as hostile to his Muslim brothers. He “called himself an al-Qaida fighter,” and “declared he would have killed more people given the chance.”

To my knowledge, Merah didn’t carry a business card with the letters “SoA” on it. But besides that, there appears to be little difference between him and Ft. Hood terrorist Major Nidal Hasan. 

You’ll recall Hasan yelled “Allahu Akbar” then opened fire on U.S. soldiers at Ft. Hood in Nov. 2009, killing 13 people and wounding 29 others. He, too, was outraged at what he saw as a war being waged against his Muslim brothers, so he chose sides and opened fire on the infidels.

To date, President Obama has refused to refer to the Ft. Hood shooting as an act of terrorism. And he has refused to make the link between the shooting and Islamism. Instead, he calls it “workplace violence.”

In the wake of Merah’s horrific actions in France and the sheer hatred and brutality shown to the people he killed, it will be interesting to see how Obama avoids viewing the actions for what they were—terrorism. And it will be even more interesting to see how he avoids linking the shootings to the same Islamism that motivated Hasan to kill every infidel he could when he opened fire at Ft. Hood.

French President Sarkozy already laid the groundwork of denial for Obama by saying that Merah’s religion had nothing to do with the shooting. Who knows; maybe we can just call this one “schoolhouse violence”?


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