Poll: Voters Turn Against California Legislature After Yee's Arrest

A new Field Poll released Thursday reports that California voters now have a negative view of the state legislature, with 46% of registered voters now saying they disapprove, and only 43% saying they approve of its performance--a nine-point negative swing in a few weeks. 

The shift was caused, according to the poll, by news in late March of the indictment of State Sen. Leland Yee on a spectacular set of charges including gun-running.

What may be even more alarming is that voters had previously approved of the legislature, which has generally suffered public disapproval since 2001. 

The partisan split among voters is pronounced: Republicans disapprove of the state legislature by a margin of 65% to 26%, while Democrats still approve of its performance by a margin of 58% to 29%. 

A Field Poll released earlier in the week showed Gov. Jerry Brown with 59% approval overall.


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