Report: NFL Shattering TV Ratings Records

Since September of 2010, NFL games have broken television ratings records for three consecutive years and accounted for 55% of the most-watched television shows.

Television writer David Bauder said with fewer people watching live programming because of DVRs, TiVos, and the Internet, broadcast networks "have come to depend on big events for bursts of attention—things like awards shows and the Olympics."

“Football is most helpful," he noted. "Of 247 programs that have reached at least 20 million live viewers between Sept. 1, 2010, and Sunday, 136 of them were NFL games, according to Nielsen statistics analyzed by the NFL.”

Since Sept. 1, 2010, the NFL games have accounted for an astounding: 

55 percent of all TV shows averaging 20 million viewers
70 percent of all TV shows averaging 30 million viewers
92 percent of all TV shows averaging 40 million viewers


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