Beating the Bracket: Here Are the NCAA Tourney's Winners for All 63 Games

Too much tourney info? Simply copy-and-paste from the bracket below to fill in all 63 lines on your bracket and win $1 billion from Warren Buffett--or office-pool bragging rights. The number to the far right of each of the 68 teams tells you the number of lines for each of these teams, simple and sweet. The information in between the two teams gives you other information if you want to make at least a few changes.

If you go with the best Seed (1 being the best) you will do well but not win. If you go with the best rating of the team's Top 3 players in the next column, Louisville will be your champion (Florida has the 13th best trio of players based on and they will face Albany Thursday, which has the 271st best trio of 351 teams). Hot teams often make a run, so you may want to pick a A+ or A team to pull upsets. Teams also graded for how much NBA talent they have, and how experienced and good their guards are.

In the far right you will find the champion (Louisville) who we would fill in on all six lines. We have Florida as the runner-up, so they would go on five lines. Michigan State and Wisconsin are down as "Final Four" meaning you write them in for four wins.

Our biggest surprise as an Elite 8 team (three wins) is Tennessee/Xavier. When you pick a team playing Tuesday or Wednesday night to win again after that, then you actually get whichever team advances. So while we give Tennessee a chance to beat Xavier and then stun Duke and Michigan, if Xavier wins tomorrow night you get them too. That is the biggest surprise of the "Elite 8" predictions. Any team that has a "Sweet 16" by it should be written on two lines, and the teams that say "1 Win" just get an opening round win.

Have fun! The first games that count start Thursday, so you just need your brackets in by Noon then for most pools. We start with the South Bracket, which is first on most pools.

South Bracket Seed Top3 Hot Healthy NBA Sr.Guards Wins
Florida 1 13 A B C C Runner-up
Mt. St. Mary's/Albany 16 204 B B F C Loss
Albany/Mt. St. Mary's 16 271 B B F B Loss
Colorado 8 45 F D D B Loss
Pittsburgh 9 19 D D D B 1 Win
VCU 5 11 A+ B C A 1 Win
Stephen F. Austin 12 33 B B F D Loss
UCLA 4 4 C B B C Sweet 16
Tulsa 13 104 A+ D F D Loss
Ohio St. 6 26 D B B A 1 Win
Dayton 11 82 C B F C Loss
Syracuse 3 17 F D A A Elite 8
Western Michigan 14 111 A B F B Loss
New Mexico 7 16 A B F C Sweet 16
Stanford 10 60 C D D A Loss
Kansas 2 5 C D A+ D 1 Win
Eastern Kentucky 15 107 B B F B Loss

The South winner above will get the East Bracket winner from below:

East Bracket Seed Top3 Hot Healthy NBA Sr.Guards Wins
Virginia 1 37 A+ B D D Sweet 16
Coastal Carolina 16 278 C B F D Loss
Memphis 8 41 F B C A 1 Win
George Washington 9 76 F B F D Loss
Cincinnati 5 2 D B D C 1 Win
Harvard 12 86 A B F B Loss
Michigan St. 4 30 B A+ B B Final Four
Delaware 13 83 F B F C Loss
North Carolina 6 23 C B B D Loss
Providence 11 44 A B F B Sweet 16
Iowa St. 3 25 B B F B Loss
N. Carolina Central 14 49 A B F A 1 Win
Connecticut 7 6 D B C A Elite 8
Saint Joseph's 10 34 A+ B D A Loss
Villanova 2 24 B B F C 1 Win
Milwaukee 15 53 C B F C Loss

Here is the West Bracket.

West Bracket Seed Top3 Hot Healthy NBA Sr.Guards Wins
Arizona 1 8 C B B A 1 Win
Weber St. 16 150 F B F C Loss
Gonzaga 8 35 A B C A Loss
Oklahoma St. 9 3 B C C A Sweet 16
Oklahoma 5 43 A B F D 1 Win
N. Dakota St. 12 54 A B F D Loss
San Diego St. 4 39 C B D B Elite 8
N. Mexico St. 13 94 B B F B Loss
Baylor 6 31 A+ B B C 1 Win
Nebraska 11 84 A C F C Loss
Creighton 3 14 D C D B Sweet 16
Lafayette 14 213 B B F C Loss
Oregon 7 15 A B D A 1 Win
BYU 10 92 C F F B Loss
Wisconsin 2 9 A B D A Final Four
American 15 64 D B F B Loss

Finally, the winner of the West Bracket above faces the Midwest Bracket Winner below:

Midwest Bracket Seed Top3 Hot Healthy NBA Sr.Guards Wins
Wichita St. 1 7 A+ B F B Sweet 16
Cal Poly 16 160 D B F C Loss
Texas Southern 16 222 B B F C Loss
Kentucky 8 21 D B A++ F 1 Win
Kansas St. 9 101 F B F B Loss
Saint Louis 5 70 F B F A Loss
NCState/Xavier 12 38 B B D D 1 Win
Xavier/NCState 12 79 F B D B 1 Win
Louisville 4 1 A++ C A A+ Champ
Manhattan 13 65 C B F B Loss
Massachusetts 6 72 D B D A Loss
Tennessee/Iowa 11 10 A+ B C D Elite 8
Iowa/Tennessee 11 47 F B F B Elite 8
Duke 3 12 D B B C 1 Win
Mercer 14 118 F B F A Loss
Texas 7 68 D B F D Loss
Arizona St. 10 50 F B D B Sweet 16
Michigan 2 36 D C B D 1 Win
Wofford 15 207 C D F B Loss


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