Dan Branch Slammed over Abortion Record and Aggressive Response

Shortly after Breitbart Texas published a story outlining how State Representative and Attorney General candidate Dan Branch worked to include language in a bill that could have expanded opportunities for third trimester abortions in 2005, fellow State Rep. Jodie Laubenberg and leading pro-life activists slammed Branch for attacking any who dare discuss his legislation in a press release Wednesday.

"As the author of the most sweeping pro-life legislation in a generation, I am acutely aware of the impact of the 2005 Branch amendment and his campaign is flatly misrepresenting what occurred,” Rep. Laubenberg stated. “The impact was to allow the termination of life in the third trimester for those who could potentially live productive lives. In 2005, existing legislation allowed for the termination of a fetus with severe brain damage, yet Mr. Branch sought to include vital organ impairment to allow for third trimester abortions.  I am highly offended that Rep. Branch is implying that his broadly-worded amendment is similar to HB 2, which was supported overwhelmingly by conservatives.”

Texas Eagle Forum Leader Cathie Adams called out the Branch campaign’s “false” statements, arguing “Dan Branch is attempting to rewrite history on this amendment, and that is inappropriate and offensive to those who have battled to protect the unborn for so many years,” Adams said. She further added that Branch’s abortion record serves to crystalize why he cannot be Texas Attorney General.

“This episode underscores why most of the leaders of the pro-life movement in Texas oppose Dan Branch's effort to become Attorney General.”

Following a Tuesday afternoon attempt on the part of Breitbart Texas to interview the Branch campaign regarding previous abortion legislation, Branch campaign manager and Dewhurst for Senate alumni Enrique Marquez responded with a public attack against the reporter via statewide press release. The Branch campaign's disproportionate PR move led to stories in the Texas Tribune, Houston Chronicle and others that focused more so on his unorthodox response than his actual defense of his legislative effort--effectively drawing attention to the very issue the campaign sought to avoid discussing.

This is not the first time that Marquez has been involved in a campaign blunder. He was in leadership of the campaign that infamously and viciously attacked now U.S. Senator Ted Cruz. In that instance, as in this one, the actions Marquez were involved in had the opposite effect of what he seemingly intended for his candidate.

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