NARAL Supported Dan Branch's Abortion Amendment and 'Pro-Choice' Vote

The National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws (NARAL)--one of the nation's most radical pro-abortion groups--commended Dallas area State Representative Dan Branch for what they referred to as his "pro-choice vote" against blocking a measure that could have otherwise expanded opportunity for more third trimester abortions in Texas. Branch, now a Republican candidate for Texas Attorney General, defends his "pro-life" record amid increasing scrutiny on right-to-life claims.

In 2005, Branch offered an amendment to legislation that pro-life activists have said could have expanded third-trimester abortions and the medical authority of Texas abortionists, according to recent reports in Breitbart Texas.

A review of the 2005 NARAL legislative scorecard indicates the pro-abortion group supported Branch’s amendment and efforts to protect it on the Texas House floor.

The NARAL scorecard described the amendment as adding “an exemption,” or justification to the cases in which a third trimester abortion could legally occur. NARAL considered legislators voting against attempts to cease debate and drop consideration of the amendment to be a “pro-choice vote.” Branch was credited for registering such a vote.

Branch was the only Republican to have legislative language positively considered on the 2005 NARAL scorecard.

The continued scrutiny of Rep. Branch’s record by pro-life advocates follows a bizarre attempt on the part of the Branch campaign to personally attack Breitbart Texas for submitting an inquiry on his voting record, despite consistent pro-life claims on the part of Branch.

Michael Quinn Sullivan is a contributor to Breitbart Texas. He heads an organization that has endorsed Branch's opponent, State Senator Ken Paxton.


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