Obamacare Polling Among Hispanics Offers Bad Omens for Wendy Davis

Democratic Party platform issues like Obamacare continue to offer dark omens for the Wendy Davis campaign amid new polling from PEW Research demonstrating the health law’s popularity among Hispanic voters is plummeting. The Affordable Care Act appears to be an increasingly unpopular issue with Hispanic voters—polling at an even 47 percent approve/disapprove.

Though a tie in polling may appear to offer no clear advantage for either political party, historic PEW data demonstrates support for the law rapidly dropping. In September 2013, 61 percent of Hispanic voters registered support—a stark contrast to contemporary findings.

According to the new numbers, the only demographic category that Obamacare remains safe with was black voters—offering 77 percent overall support.

Democratic organizers face a double threat with respect to Obamacare when considering median household incomes along the Texas/Mexico border. PEW found that 56 percent of voters claiming incomes ranging between $30,000 and $75,000 disapproved of the law. Respondents claiming annual earnings less than $30,000 offered a comparable disapproval rate of 47 percent.

Locally, eight of Texas’ 14 border counties fell within the 56 percent disapproval range according to income categories.

The Obamacare issue adds to the troubling trend of Davis not performing well by default in key, typically Democratic border counties. Breitbart Texas recently reported that Davis failed to carry half of the Texas border against unfunded, pro-life primary foe Ray Madrigal.

Heritage Libertad spokesperson Israel Ortega sees a window of opportunity for conservative opponents of Obamacare ahead of the 2014 Election with Hispanic voters.

“This is an opportunity we should seize on and really talk about the perils of big government policies,” Ortega told Breitbart Texas. “This also pushes back on the spin that Hispanics are a solidly liberal voting bloc that believes blindly in all liberal policies.”

Ortega reckons that the implementation process proved politically costly for the Obama Administration.

“The rollout and implementation among Hispanics has been disastrous,” Ortega added. “The Spanish translations have been abysmal. Even though Hispanics have a high presence online—their levels of e-commerce engagement trail behind other demographics. That was a poor read on the part of the White House.”

Dallas-based Director of VOCES Action Adryana Boyne concurred with Ortega’s read on the roll-out process.

“The Spanish-language version of Healthcare.gov has been a total disaster,” Boyne argued. “It opened two months late. The Spanish website is difficult to access, the Spanish translations in the site are bad--it is as commonly known as ‘Spanglish’ which is an insult for Spanish speaking Americans.”

One of the few redeeming numbers in the recent PEW study found that despite 47 percent disapproval of Obamacare in its current form, 61 percent of Hispanics agreed that “government has a responsibility to ensure coverage for all.” Libertad’s Ortega only continues to see opportunity for improved messaging and outreach.

“We need to talk about how everyone wishing to have health insurance can have it without a big government program like Obamacare,” Ortega said. Heritage Libertad intends to continue promoting “free market-focused” fixes such as reduced penalties on Health Savings Accounts, policy portability and interstate purchasing. “We have to be a lot more aggressive in promoting these free market alternatives to Hispanics.”

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