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Brit Hume's Deadly Observation on Chuck Hegel: "He's Just Not Very Bright"

If this influences the conventional wisdom, Hagel just might not be confirmed. Brit Hume notes:

It's probably dawning on Sens. who didn't serve w/Hagel that he's just not very bright. Exchange w/McCain unresponsive & bumbling.

Democrats can defend lies, anti-semitism, and a worldview that undermines American security, but they have a lot of psychological chips invested in the proposition that they're the "Smart Party." If word gets out just how lightweight and bumbling Chuck Hagel is -- and the question gets asked, "Don't our boys putting life and limb at risk in foreign wars deserve someone... smarter?" -- that might just be a wrap on this one.

 Later in the day, look for video of Lindsey Graham's interrogation of Hagel -- it was very effective, and Hagel was plainly overmatched.  Moe Lane has a snippet of one exchange, or, as NBC would call it, one heckling.


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