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The One Thing Obama's Done Right on Ukraine

There is so much to criticize in the Obama administration's response to Russia's intervention in the Ukraine, from the wishy-washy appeals to the "international community," to the ridiculous complaint that Vladimir Putin is playing by "19th century" rules. Even when the president has tried to sound tough--mocking Putin's international law claims on Tuesday--he has sounded snarky rather than strong. And yet--he's finally on point.

The decision to send Secretary of State John Kerry directly to Kiev, and right to Independence Square, was only a gesture, but a powerful one. The hints Kerry dropped of more serious actions by the U.S. are also welcome, and long overdue--as are loan guarantees and the aid that President Barack Obama has set in motion. So now is an opportune time to note a rare area of agreement between the president and at least this opposition critic.


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