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Delegates Are Ball Players In the Game, Voters Are Spectators in the Bleachers

At this late date in the nomination process, with no single candidate seeming to have a clear path to getting to the bare majority number of delegates needed for a first-ballot victory (per the anticipated first-ballot rule used at the last convention – which could change), many candidates, pundits and voters are actually taking the time and making the effort to figure out that, in the end, the power to choose the Republican nominee resides in the delegates, and the people who elect the delegates.

How Best To Participate In Party Politics (Hint: Delegate)

A few of us (Morton Blackwell, Richard Viguerie, Ken Blackwell and Martin Knight – Google their names and precinct committeeman strategy) have been preaching for years that the best way for conservatives to actually make a difference in politics is by becoming voting members of their political party. How many of the chattering class are members? Perhaps they will tell us. I doubt it.

Want Real Debate? Gotta Change The RNC — Here’s How

After the CNBC “debate” fiasco, many are railing against Republican National Committee (“RNC”) Chairman Reince Priebus and the RNC for these atrocious “debates,” where the leftist moderators, like those at CNBC, spend their time trying to make all of the Republican candidates look as bad as possible.

How Conservatives Can Defeat The Chambercrats’ $100 Million

A recent Breitbart.com article chronicled the plan by the “Chambercrats” at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to spend $100 million to defeat “Tea Party” conservatives in the upcoming Republican primary elections. This “top down,” “let’s throw money at the problem” approach can be defeated, easily, by conservatives if they expend two resources they all possess: a little bit of time and a little bit of sweat equity.

Second Debate

How To Get Real Political Bang For Donors’ Bucks

Charles and David Koch told their donors in January of this year that they need $889 million of their donors’ money to achieve their intended wins at the ballot box in 2016. They have been spending money like this for several years now, and what have they achieved? Obamacare? Dodd-Frank? More federal debt? More job-crushing EPA regulations and Energy Dept. regulations?

Iran Deal

One Weird Trick About How and Where Conservatives Should ‘Rally’ Against the Iran Nuclear Deal

Why not, conservatives, “rally” against the Iran deal where you live? Instead of a single rally in D.C., why not have thousands and thousands of rallies where conservatives can become politically powerful by uniting, politically, “inside” the best political tool for ousting from office the current House and Senate members who will not follow the will of “we the people?”