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Mainstream Media: The Southern Poverty Law Center's Partner in Slime

Stooping to a new low, even by Southern Poverty Law Center’s standards, the SPLC recently smeared well-regarded family-values organizations as ‘hate groups’ for championing faith-based moral views, including opposition to gay marriage and support for the military’s DADT policy. The

Why Media Watchdogs Are Necessary: A Case Study

The ongoing need (and demand) for a variety of media voices was evidenced, recently, in a modern morality tale featuring a preacher and his prayer. On Nov. 16th, at the take-the-oath-of-office ceremony for incoming Oklahoma legislators, held at the state

HuffPo's Editorial Omission Smears Tancredo

Oooooh. I’m so frightened, and it’s not even Halloween yet. The Huffington Post mocked Tom Tancredo, former Republican congressman, now American Constitution party candidate for governor of Colorado, as a bigoted (“a healthy dislike for anything remotely Hispanic”) man of

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