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Mao With A Latin Accent

Chavez in Venezuela and some other Latin American leaders are looking at the Chinese economic and political model for development, they need to read Frank Dikotter book Mao’s Great Famine on events from 1958 to 1962. In the 1950s and

The Mexican Peso Short Term Volatility

For current Mexican peso exchange information Google “MXN Mexican Peso Chart.” Over the past few months there has been some volatility with the Mexican peso. In early July it was 11.50 to the US dollar. In September it fell to

Ecuador: How To Boil A Frog To Socialism

In Ecuador the elected president Correa is creating a socialistic economy. He is following the plan outlined by the “Foro Sao Paulo.” Don’t worry….socialism is on the way Avoid violent revolution whenever possible. It is like boiling a frog. Put

Where Do You Bury Hugo Chavez?

Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, has returned from a lengthy medical stay in Cuba. It seems doctors removed a puss infection from his colon and cancerous parts of his colon. There have been few details as to what stage of

Peruvian Political Shock Waves

Ollanta Humala, with the total support of the Foro de Sao Paulo (FSP),has won the Peruvian presidential election. Alejandro Pena-Esclusa in his “The Foro de Sao Paulo, A Threat to Freedom in Latin America” in 2009 clearly outlined the ideological

Gaddafi: Time Off from Tyranny?

There is a point which is being missed in the current Gaddafi-the-tyrant issue. Years ago it was understood Gaddafi was a monster. Our intelligence indicated he gave the direct order to blow up Pan American flight 103 in 1988 killing

Coming to America: Legacy of Latin Violence

Vacuum left by arrested drug lords quickly filled. Recently a major Mexico City newspaper editorial noted the shooting of an elected US official created a national response and a personal visit from the President. But when countless Mexican officials are

Venezuela Congressional Election: Chavez Still Holds Reins

There has been an important Congressional election in Venezuela. President Hugo Chavez’s party, which had controlled over two-thirds of the elected representatives, expected to retain two-thirds control. In the previous election the opposition parties boycotted the election and gave Chavez

Cyber Warfare and the Future of Post-Castro Cuba

Cuba is a center for Cyber Warfare. The US public is becoming more and more aware of the importance of cyber war, especially after the destructive STUXNET worm attacks. Why bomb and destroy a nation’s facilities when with a cyber

The Future of Post-Castro Cuba: Part 3 – The Intelligence Community

The Cuban Intelligence community’s effectiveness and danger should never be under estimated. Since pre-1959 Fidel Castro has placed the highest priority on effective intelligence, counter intelligence, foreign agents, disinformation, and a professional Intelligence community. Originally the DGI, Directorio General de

The Future of Post-Castro Cuba: Part 2 – The Economic War

Marxism/communism is the economic interpretation of history. The state must control sources of production and assets. Fidel began his Revolution by expropriating the sources of production and private assets in Cuba, including major US citizen’s assets. The United States retaliated

The Future of Post-Castro Cuba: Part 1 – Ideology

Fidel Castro is a hard line, fanatical life long communist. Communism is his religion. There are countless myths regarding how and when Castro embraced radical communism. In August, l957, Ambassador Thomas C. Mann, one of our nation’s great State Department

The Future of Post-Castro Cuba: Introduction

The Government of Cuba (GOC) will be at a cross roads in 2011. The Castro dictatorship regards the current US Administration as “simpatico.” The GOC feels in the coming year there will be a move to end the US Cuban