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Katie McHugh

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Report: Stopping Only Nine Percent of Illegal Alien Border Crossers Would Pay for Trump’s Border Wall

Even a minimally effective border wall that stopped less than ten percent of illegal crossings would save the U.S. billions. “If a border wall stopped between 160,000 and 200,000 illegal crossers—nine to 12 percent of those expected to successfully cross in the next decade—the scaled savings would equal the $12 to $15 billion cost of the wall,” CIS Director of Research Steven Camarota writes.

Donald Trump, Neil Gorsuch

Rasmussen: 62 Percent of Voters Believe All of Trump’s Nominees Deserve a Senate Vote

The poll comes as Democrats obstruct the nomination process by refusing to show up to vote and claim the Supreme Court seat vacated by the late Antonin Scalia was “stolen” from Obama. Republicans had refused to confirm Obama’s third Supreme Court justice nominee, Merrick Garland, during the last year of his lame-duck term as the presidential election went on, enraging Democrats.