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Katie McHugh

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Crane Operator to Breitbart News Daily: Immigrants’ Inability to Speak English Puts Everyone in Danger

On Breitbart News Daily hosted by executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon, listeners jammed the phone lines with their own experiences with Third World mass immigration and the devastation it has wrought on the working and middle classes. One highly-skilled worked detailed the extortion, total disregard for safety, and the discrimination against eager and qualified American workers in favor of immigrants who spoke little to no English he witnessed on the job.

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Breitbart News Daily Audience Demands to Know of GOP Candidates During Fox Business Debate: Who Will Stand for American Workers?

On the day of the Fox Business debate, the Breitbart News Daily radio show, hosted by executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon, lit up with grassroots listeners who had their own questions to ask the GOP candidates. Unimpeded by a media filter, these listeners — dismissed as “low-information voters” by the GOP Smart Set — were focused, astute, and expressed a patriotic concern for the nation’s posterity in tough economic times.