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The Muslim Brotherhood Has Our Number

On June 30th 2011 the US administration confirmed its recognition of the Muslim Brotherhood as an entity that we can negotiate with in Egypt. In Libya, they are our official allies in the effort to unseat Gadhafi from power. Over

By Peace They Will Deceive The World

While the lovers and supporters of Israel both on the right and the left celebrate the diplomatic victory of Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu over President Barack Obama, the prospects for Israel in regards to its security and standing in the

An Emperor With No Clothes

It pains me to write this article, as our country’s highest representative is making our country a laughing stock to the world and what is even worse, to our most deadly enemies. Our community organizer President may have been able

Not Voting For The War Before I Am For It

Our new Cowboy in the White House has declared war on Libya. One can just imagine the headlines in the New York Times if George Bush were to have taken the action he did. Dare we remember the outrage from

What To Do In Libya? Arm Both Sides!

As the world struggles with what to do with Libya and the uprisings in the whole of the Middle East, let us be honest, there are no good options, anything we do is bad and doing nothing is also bad.

Charlie Sheen Isn't the Only One Who Is Delusional

As Charlie Sheen melts down with delusional tirades, he exhibits what can only be described as a mental disorder; the US media gladly reports every syllable of his insanity. On the other side of the Atlantic, more dangerous and delusional