The Muslim Brotherhood Has Our Number


On June 30th 2011 the US administration confirmed its recognition of the Muslim Brotherhood as an entity that we can negotiate with in Egypt. In Libya, they are our official allies in the effort to unseat Gadhafi from power.

Over the last few weeks my associate Walid Shoebat has uncovered strong evidence that members of the civil service at the state department have employees who themselves have close associations to the Muslim Brotherhood with Huma Abedin the wife of the disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner and Hillary Clintons most “trusted” advisor; happens to have her mother and late father as senior members of the Muslim Sisterhood and Brotherhood as well as her brother too. One may ask why Anthony Weiner a Jew could be married to a “practicing Muslim women” as Sharia law fundamentally forbids marriage of Muslim women to non-believers. Either Weiner secretly converted, which is very probable based on the words of a Imam Omar Abu-Namous from Long Island who is a known radical stated that Huma should remain married and loyal to Mr. Weiner, which is not remotely possible unless he recognized the former Congressman as a Muslim. Huma Abedin is probably using the marriage as cover for a “higher calling” of Jihad.

Huma Abedin is a key advisor and deputy chief of staff to the secretary of state Hillary Clinton. It was Mrs. Clinton who took the lead on advising the president to take military action on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya and it is her portfolio of responsibility on foreign policy to engage the Muslim Brotherhood. Let us connect the dots. The Secretary of State has a Muslim women and has been an advisor to Mrs. Cinton since 1996. Since the evidence is clear and Huma Abedin has close connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, based on standard security clearance policies written by our own government; her associations to major leaders of an organization like the Muslim Brotherhood which is basically the political wing of Al Qaeda could not be tolerated by any government that runs its security clearance with a common sense approach. Would we have hired the daughter of a major Nazi leader in World War II to advise Cordell Hull the then secretary of State? We have the fox in the hen house; where are the Republicans in Congress, where is our media?

Our security agencies are not faring much better A CIA/FBI agent was responsible for creating the first al-Qaeda training manual from classified military sources. Ali Mohamed covertly moved up through the ranks undetected until the Egyptian-born al-Qaeda spy was finally discovered. Though arrested in 1998, Mohamed’s whereabouts and legal status remain unknown. Fort Hood jihadist Nidal Malik Hasan benefited from the same faulty screening.

Jordanian-born “reformed” jihadist Humam al Balawi, promising to deliver al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri to them. Instead, as he passed their guard, he detonated a suicide belt, killing the agents. We were the first to translate the sinister plan of this Taliban spy, which was missed by the CIA but was advertised on his Arabic web site for the whole Arabic world to read:

“When I drive my car at a traffic police station … my surroundings change by a push of a flash button. I will find myself martyred as I drive a booby-trapped truck with a bomb heading towards the pagan guards …”

Our whole foreign and security policy has been already undermined by this infiltration. Our main stream media is silent, even the conservative media won’t report or ask questions regarding this very serious situation to an obvious massive breach to the security of the United States.


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