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Assyrian Christians Demand Turkey Stop Bombing YPG

An Assyrian Christian militia group has asked NATO to stop Turkey from attacking Syria, since the military is shelling the Kurdish militia People’s Protection Unit (YPG). The YPG, and its female counterpart the YPJ, are seen by many in the region as the last line of defense from the Islamic State.

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Turkish Muslim Cleric Issues Fatwa Allowing the Killing of ISIS Jihadists

Turkish Muslim televangelist Ahmet Mahmut Ünlü issued a fatwa to kill any militant associated with the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL). “If you run across them, slaughter them like you fight with the people of Ad and İrem [two places destroyed by God],” he wrote. “Those who kill them will be awarded and those who are killed by them will be martyrs.”


Blood-Soaked Obama Effigy Hangs Off Bridge in Russia

Pictures of an effigy of President Barack Obama hanging over a bridge near the Ural Mountains made the rounds on Russian social media outlet VKontakte. The effigy was dressed in a button-down shirt and slacks, with its head covered by an executioner’s hood.

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