Report: Islamic State Drowns Seven in Mosul

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ISIS/Daily Mail Screengrab

A witness in the captive city of Mosul, Iraq, claims that the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) drowned seven civilians in an iron cage as a public spectacle.

“Today, ISIS members executed seven civilians by drowning inside metal cages in al-Faysaliya area in central Mosul on charges of collaboration with the Iraqi government, Peshmerga and Asayish in Kurdistan region,” an anonymous source told Ahlul Bayt News.

The source said the group filmed the execution. The Shariah Court in Nineveh Province sentenced them to death, but the source did not say what crime they committed.

The Islamic State has executed thousands of prisoners, some by drowning, in the self-declared Caliphate that spans across Iraq and Syria.

Last June, a video showed the group lowering prisoners locked in a cage into a pool of water. The prisoners are “seen foaming at the mouth as they lie motionless on the floor of the cage, piled on top of one another.”

Adultery is punished under the barbaric laws ISIS chooses to implement in the areas they control. In August, the terrorists stoned a woman to death in Raqqa, Syria, on allegations of adultery. The militants beheaded a woman because she killed her would-be rapist, an ISIS jihadist. The United Nations revealed ISIS executed numerous women in Mosul for having advanced educations.

The Islamic State has also executed doctors who refuse to treat the terrorists.

“Elements of the organization (ISIS) executed physicians Tareq Jassim and Adil Ayham, working in the Department of Surgery of the Republican General Hospital in Mosul,” Dr. Firas al-Hamdani, a top health official, told Kurdish news outlet Rudaw in January 2015. “The bodies of the doctors arrived at the hospital morgue this evening after being executed by ISIS firing squad.”

Last August, the Islamic State posted a list of more than 2,000 people they have killed since June 2014. They nailed it to the side of the local Health Ministry building as a way to demand death certificates.

In the last two years, the Islamic State executed women who refused to marry or have sex with the terrorists. Last week, Kurdish new outlets reported they executed 250 girls and women. In December 2014, Iraq’s Ministry of Human Rights claimed that the Islamic State murdered 150 women because they refused to marry or engage in sexual acts with the terrorists. Eight months later, another report from Mosul surfaced that the Islamic State killed another 19 women who refused to have sex with terrorists.


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