Mary Chastain

Mary Chastain

White House May Veto Saudi Bill, Says Kingdom Should Preserve Economy

The White House has hesitated to sign a congressional bill that would allow lawsuits against Saudi Arabia over any involvement in the September 11, 2001, attacks, but has warned Saudi Arabia against economic vengeance should the bill pass due to a veto.


School Crowns Autistic Teen Prom Queen, Escorted by Brother

Hudson High School in Hudson, WI, crowned Surreia Bennett, who has autism, as their prom queen. “Every day for about 2 months she talked about being Prom Queen, and she would send people emojis of a crown. I guess that’s

Autistic Prom Queen Fox 9

Dabiq: Islamic State Praises Bangladesh Suicide Bomber

The latest issue of Islamic State magazine Dabiq features two pieces calling for more jihadists activities in Bangladesh, where a string of lynching of secular bloggers indicate popular support for Sharia law may be increasing.