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In Honor of My Dad on Veteran's Day

In 1954, on the anniversary of the ending of World War I, President Dwight D. Eisenhower proclaimed November 11, Veteran’s Day, so that we would pay special tribute to our military heroes. As we take time this year to honor

Happy Anniversary Smart Girl Politics!

Time flies when you’re having fun and boy, have we been having fun! This week is the third anniversary for SGP Action and I’ve been a loud and proud member of Smart Girl Politics (SGP) since December 2008. Back then,

The Occupiers Are Part of Obama's Plan

Do you think President 0bama is correct in believing the Occupy Wall Street and other “occupy” protests happening across our country are just like those of the Tea Party? Photo via bluebird of bitterness Think again. Still unconvinced of the

Class Warfare and President Obama

Peace is hard. But class warfare isn’t. And it’s happening now right before our eyes. The All American Blogger writes: The president outlined a tax increase he’s calling the Buffett Rule, or something silly, which loots more from the rich,

UPDATE: Houston National Cemetery Censorship

Finally. We are days away from justice. The hearing for Arleen Ocasio, Director of the Houston National Cemetery, who has been censoring freedom of speech and freedom of prayer is this Monday, 8/22. As you may remember, Ms. Ocasio has

My Review of 'The Undefeated': Game On.

I was fortunate enough to view a film screening of the unrated version of “The Undefeated” – the Sarah Palin documentary – by Stephen K. Bannon this past weekend while attending this year’s Right Online conference in Minneapolis, MN. The

Obama and Texas Wildfires: Big Hat, No Cattle

When I hear this famous Texas saying, I immediately think of President Obama and how he feels about Texas. All talk. No action. Then again, the action of denying Texas federal disaster aid for wildfires raging over million acres speaks