My Review of 'The Undefeated': Game On.

I was fortunate enough to view a film screening of the unrated version of “The Undefeated” – the Sarah Palin documentary – by Stephen K. Bannon this past weekend while attending this year’s Right Online conference in Minneapolis, MN. The documentary is a chronicle of Sarah Palin’s rise from small town Alaskan Mayor to Republican party nominee for the Vice President of the United States of America.

For anyone that knows me, it’s no secret that I’m a fan of Sarah Palin. After all, I credit her for making me sit up and take notice of politics and about what was/is happening in our country. The date was August 29, 2008. I was in my kids’ game room at that moment when Senator McCain introduced Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate for Vice President. She began speaking. I sat down and listened. My life changed forever.

So, when I heard there would be a viewing of the Sarah Palin documentary while at Right Online, I was naturally excited, but part of me thought I should be patient and see it in the theater or even at the Smart Girl Summit in St. Louis next month. Instead, I chose to follow my gut instinct at the conference and stay to watch … to listen … to learn. I’m glad I did.

This movie moved me. I could hardly speak afterwards from the emotion I felt by her story. Even if you’re not her “fan,” please go see it and form your own opinion. The media has been allowed to do that for too many for too long. That is change I can believe in.

The film was introduced by Andrew Breitbart. His explanation of how pissed off he was at the Republican establishment for not standing up for Sarah as the mainstream media began their quest to discredit her every move spoke truth to me. I felt this back in 2008 and I still feel strong disappointment in the GOP today at their lack of support. Despite this frustration, I was hopeful as the movie began, that “The Undefeated” would somehow help in her vindication.

As this version was unrated, it begins with the vitriol of Hollywood “stars” spewing their disgust for and towards Sarah Palin. There are screen shots of cursing and descriptions I will not share in my review as the words are as unworthy as those who spoke them. Matt Damon. Sharon Osborne. Rosie O’Donnell. Letterman and his Top 10. Joan Rivers. Joy Behar. Howard Stern. Pamela Anderson. Madonna. Roseanne. To name a few. These few were the supposed spokespeople of our country who the media repeatedly highlighted with their personal attacks of Sarah Palin, her values and even her family. Here we see what hate looks like.

From these snapshots of the Hollywood elite, we then turn to Sarah as a child in photos and video with her family outdoors, with animals, playing high school basketball with the Warriors, being an average kid in America. Piper looks like Sarah when she was younger. Sarah looks happy. But doesn’t she always look happy? Even now when she’s talking about our great country and the troubles we are in, she is joyful.

I don’t want to ruin the film for you, so I won’t go into specifics; however, after taking a couple days to reflect on the films substance, I can say this about Sarah Palin:

  • The specifics of how entire communities and families were affected by the Exxon Valdez disaster is truly heartbreaking. This tragedy planted a seed that she would work for the ordinary people.
  • She is not afraid in making decisions that made/and still make some unhappy.
  • She was under fire since the day she took office yet she won re-election in a landslide with 75% of the vote for Mayor of Wasilla.
  • She stood up to the elected establishment and blew the whistle on her own party when she found some of them guilty of ethics violations.
  • The small Alaskan town Mayor ousted a 26 year veteran for Governor with over 50% of the vote.
  • Governor Sarah Palin put Alaskans first over party establishment and big oil.
  • She saw spending as “spending other people’s money” and continued fiscal prudence by going through the state budget line by line as Governor.
  • Her Governorship approval ratings were 88% in August of 2008.
  • She was the spark of the McCain/Palin ticket. She is what ignited our base and still does today.
  • She fought the ethics violations filed against her for a year after the election loss in 2008, and while she paid for her own legal fees, she saw these complaints as hurting her state and its citizens so she chose to step down as Governor. Each and every accusation was proven false.
  • She has always spoken fondly of our country’s founding documents. Before any tea party. To me, she is the beginning of the Tea Party.
  • She has held her head high with class and strength as various news sources and websites posted daily vile commentary on her and her family. Just a couple short months ago, I witnessed a despicable post about her youngest, Trig. I am still and will always be a proud member of Trig’s Crew! Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, as is choosing with whom you advertise.
  • Sarah Palin is a threat to the left and the right.

Andrew Breitbart said in his introduction, “As we’ve noticed in the past few weeks, the truth is like a nuclear bomb to the mainstream media.” Take notice, “real” journalists and Republican elitists, this film speaks even more truth about Sarah Palin. Even the NYT and WaPo witch hunt of going through her emails as Governor found she was honorable, caring, and fought corruption on all levels. Duh. We already knew that. “The Undefeated” goes into detail as to how she won the good fight against corruption within her own state.

Sarah Palin was then and still is a leader FOR the people. We are lucky to have her on our side.

As for the mainstream media, we all see how continue to promote attacks against Sarah Palin’s viewpoints, beliefs, values and even go so far as to discuss how she speaks or what she wears as they dissect her every move. BREAKING: ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, PBS, and their “real” journalists = TMZ. Gossiping, trashy, no balance bias “news.” These stations will continue to lose viewers, ratings and advertisers. The respected journalists of yesteryear are now extinct. America is watching. Just not your channels.

And then there’s the good ole GOP. Their lack of chivalry, courage of conviction and honor are addressed in the film as well. As it should be. The GOP hasn’t been in my good graces for many years now and I’m not very certain they ever will be any time soon unless they step up and return to the their foundation. Take note elected officials, we are watching you too. Man up! Lead by example or we will vote you out. We can see 2012 from our homes.

Americans are more informed than every before with the internet and other media sources to get their daily news. And we’re working together to find the truth. We are citizen journalists and we will ensure these truths are shared throughout our networks.

So, the big question at the end of the film is: Will Sarah run? We shall see. In the meantime, I can say with all my heart that “The Undefeated” is a vindication for Sarah Palin. This is only the beginning of something bigger.

Go see it. For America.


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