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GOP Rallying to Save Obama’s Secret Trade Deal

Inexplicably, Republican leaders are striving to grant Obama additional executive powers. More baffling is the fact that the public has no idea how these additional powers will be used or to what end. The details of this specific deal matter. The public is witnessing Republican leaders ignoring their past complaints about President Obama and striving to award him sweeping new executive powers.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Poll Numbers Trending Worse than Obama’s

Polls show that just 18 percent of Americans say they are very excited about Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for President. Almost twice that number, 34 percent, say they are angry or disappointed that she’s running.

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Clinton, Obama Renew Their Primary Fight

The long detente between President Obama and the Clintons is coming to an end. Obama’s policies are far more unpopular than he is. A recent Pew Poll found that two-thirds of Americans want the next President to reverse Obama’s agenda. Any Democrat even tacitly acknowledging this fact will spark sniping responses from the Obama world. This is perhaps even more true for Clinton.

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GOP Ducks Abortion Debate, Prepares to Confirm Lynch

The Senate Democrats were able to escape an extreme abortion position with a tactical victory, and now will get a vote on Loretta Lynch as well. Thus, Senate Republicans will definitely oppose Obama and his policies. Just as long as Harry Reid and the Democrats allow them to.

Scott Walker

Walker Support Solid, Establishment Favorite Bush Struggles in N.H.

As the Republican presidential candidates gather this weekend in New Hampshire, they’re all chasing a midwestern governor. The latest survey of New Hampshire Republicans, by liberal-leaning Public Policy Polling, finds Wisconsin’s Scott Walker with a strong lead at 24 percent, followed by a rising Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.


Harry Reid Threatens to Take Over Senate for Lynch Vote

The Senate rulebook is a notorious alchemy of parliamentary procedures, precedents and the whims of individual Senators. That said, Sen. Harry Reid could only “force” a vote if enough Republicans joined with him to give him majority votes.

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Loretta Lynch Vote Stalled on Paying for Abortions

The professional left is planning a tag-team hunger strike to agitate for a confirmation vote on Loretta Lynch’s nomination for U.S. Attorney General. The Senate is currently considering legislation to further crack down on human sex trafficking. Senate Democrats, unbelievably, have blocked action on the bill because it prohibits federal money from paying for abortion.

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Voters Turning Away from Democrats, GOP

The Independent block of voters is likely to grow over the coming years. The race to capture their hearts, and votes, will decide electoral victory in a host of political contests. For now, they seem to be mostly dissatisfied Republicans. Whether they go back to the party or disappear forever is the political $64,000 question.

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Kill It in the Crib: BushWorld Attacks Rand on Eve of Launch

As Rand Paul gets set to announce his presidential bid, a new Super PAC is already targeting the Kentucky Senator with a $1 million ad buy.

The previously unknown group, the Foundation for a Secure and Prosperous America, plans to attack Paul as weak on Iran and will try to tie the Senator to Obama’s nuclear talks with the pariah nation, the New York Times reports. Republicans, after all, are very adept at using the mainstream media to attack other Republicans.

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Rahm Struggles to Hold on in Chicago

In Washington, Rahm Emanuel won national political acclaim for his tenacious fights to tear down the Republican party. In Chicago, Republican votes may what saves him.

Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais, AP)

Rep. Duckworth, Top Dem Recruit, Demands Hillary Testify

Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) says Hillary Clinton “must” testify before the special select committee examining the tragedy in Benghazi. Duckworth added she would hold former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton “accountable” for erasing emails from her personal server.

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GOP Finally Has Tool to Repeal ObamaCare

Perhaps there have been reasons Republicans backed down from previous budget battles. Whatever their validity in the past, as the FY 2016 budget moves through the process, one ting is clear: If the GOP leadership pulls its punches during reconciliation, then it too is part of the problem in Washington.

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Small Businesses Battle NLRB

Across the Obama Administration, hundreds of proposed regulatory changes are winding their way through an alphabet-soup of bureaucracies. Each of these will affect the economy is some way. The Job Creators Network campaign shows it is possible to fight back against these regulatory actions. Its a good lesson as the clock winds down on the Obama presidency.


Five Facts About Proposed ‘Doc Fix’

Medicare is still unsustainable in the current budget blueprint. This current permanent “doc fix” proposal may more accurately align with budget reality, but the myth that Congress can keep funding all its promises without significant reforms remains.

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CNN Poll: Voters’ Ideal 2016 Candidate an Anti-Obama

A new CNN poll, asking Americans about their “perfect” candidate in 2016, is a bitter prelude to Obama’s presidential legacy. By strong majorities, Americans want a political leader with lots of experience who will reverse Obama’s policies.

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DOJ Pulls Its Punches on Menendez

Up to this point, the Justice Department’s case against Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) could be seen as a warning shot across the Senator’s bow. Perhaps Menendez’s future actions will determine whether or not DOJ finally takes the water-line shot.

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Rahm, Democrats Struggle With Progressive ‘Tea Party’

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is locked in a surprisingly tight run-off election to lead the Windy City, with the latest polls showing the incumbent in stuck in the mid-40s. Emanuel has the support of the Democrat establishment, Chicago media and deep-pocketed

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Right-to-Work May Be Obama’s Lasting Legacy

President Obama’s largest legacy may be a policy he disagrees with. Right-to-work laws are sweeping the states, as legislatures and governors across the country empower individuals instead of Democratic-leaning labor unions.

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