Neil W. McCabe

Neil W. McCabe is a Washington-based political reporter. Before joining Breitbart News, he was the One America News DC Bureau Chief, a senior reporter at Human Events and a staff reporter at The Pilot, Boston's Catholic paper. McCabe also was the editor of The Somerville News, The (North Cambridge, Mass.) Alewife and served as an Army combat historian in Iraq.

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Exclusive–Syrian Survivor of 2013 Sarin Gas Attack: Thank You, President Trump ‘For Taking Action Against the Dictator’

A survivor of an Aug. 21, 2013 Sarin gas attack on his village called “Moadhamiyeh” in West Damascus, Syria told Breitbart News he is grateful for President Donald Trump’s strike against the Syrian military, which is a complete turnaround from President Barack Obama’s puzzling acceptance of President Bashar Assad and his regime.