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Schweizer: 12 Days from Election, Clinton World Still Has No Good Answers on Russian Uranium Deal

The Clinton defense in the Uranium One deal rests entirely on us taking their word for the fact that there is nothing to see. But of course, that is what they said about the email server. And we now know how widely they lied about that scandal. The fact that the news media is playing lap dog and not watch dog in this case does enormous damage to the integrity of our government.

Donald Trump’s Hypocrisies

Having written quite a bit on the question of hypocrisy (see, for example, my New York Times bestseller Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy), I can say that there are often yawning gaps between what Donald Trump criticizes other for and what he himself does.

FIX IS IN: PBS Moderators Ignore Clinton Scandals

So let me get this straight: on the same day that the Washington Post reports that the State Department issued subpoenas to a family foundation bearing Hillary Clinton’s name as part of a federal investigation, the PBS debate moderators didn’t ask her about it.

Five Questions for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton avoided any serious questions about the ethical problems she faces. Here are five simple, straightforward questions that Hillary Clinton needs to be asked.

Money, Not Ideas, Driving Clinton Global Initiative

Contrary to the image painted of the Clintons by both their friends and enemies, the Clintons have always been less about ideas and beliefs than they have been about money. One need look no further than their record: the collection of an astonishing $3 billion in contributions and donations over the course of their public lives. No one comes even close.

Government Contractors Cheat Taxpayers, Pay Politicians

Government contractors who are most likely to defraud taxpayers are also the largest contributors to political campaigns, a new analysis finds. The lesson may well be if you are going to defraud the government, you better be prepared to cough up money for lobbyists and politicians.

Warren Buffett Losing His Halo on Wall Street

Warren Buffett, one of the richest men in America, is a long-time proponent of higher taxes and greater regulation on business. But his words are usually not matched by his own actions, leading to a major image problem on Wall Street, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Crony Capitalism Gets Crushed in GOP Debate

Taking on crony capitalism, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas openly declared that he would not bail out the banks a la 2008. Dr. Ben Carson took that position as well, saying he had no interest in protecting bankers from their excessive risk-taking. Carly Fiorina spoke eloquently and at length about how Obamacare was a creature birthed by large corporations, including the pharmaceutical industry. She also noted that crony capitalism is one step away from socialism.

Big Spending Still A Big Draw On Capitol Hill

A massive $325 billion federal transportation bill passed overwhelmingly on Capitol Hill with strong support from both parties. The bill, which was not read or analyzed by most members of congress before they voted on it, is still being digested and analyzed by clean government organizations.

The Clinton Machine, Still Hiding Secret Donors

The Clintons promised that they would disclose all donations flowing into the Clinton Foundation—and everyone was supposed to assume they were doing just that. But then we discovered last Spring that there were secret foreign donors giving them money while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.



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