Anarchist Video Reveals Dark Side of #Occupy Movement

We’ve been talking about the anarchist faction behind #Occupy Wall Street for weeks now but despite the mounting evidence, liberals and the mainstream would like you to believe that it’s just some right-wing fantasy and that the #Occupy movement are a well meaning bunch of idealists.

The MSM and liberals really don’t want you to listen to what the revolutionaries themselves have to say. This video is from radical #Occupy supporter and it’s a frightening yet entertaining montage of news clips, movie scenes, rap music and cursing.

Interestingly enough, they might hate mainstream liberals even more than you do.

If you want to see what the anarchists want from #Occupy, check it out. They are telling you, loud and clear. It puts the strike in Oakland, anti-police moves and more of the #Occupy street theater stunt show into a wider context of the movement’s real revolutionary agenda.

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