Mo' Money: Big Democrat Bucks Are Back

Mo' Money: Big Democrat Bucks Are Back

Despite the media concern over Obama’s poor showing in the super PAC game, things appear to picking up. 

For months, editorial upon editorial upon editorial was written, fraught with concern over the consequences of money pouring into (right of center) super PACs.  Readers were warned about “buying political influence” and “corporate influence” and the “appearance of corruption” in the political campaign process.

The media’s serious concern about super PACs correlates with the left’s lack of super PAC prowess. Politico went so far to report about “The Left’s Lost Donors,” those who have failed to step up and support Obama’s super PAC efforts.  These missing well-heeled wallets were attributed to a combination of ethical concerns about super PACs and disillusion with what Hope and Change has brought to the White House.  

But all that is about to change.

Businessweek reports:

“Last month was the first time a super-political action committee supporting President Barack Obama attracted the attention of multiple big-money contributors, a review of Federal Election Commission records shows”

On the Obama super PAC roster are Irwin Jacobs of Qualcomm, Jon Stryker, backed by money from his family’s medical supply business and Haim Saban, a media executive a former big Clinton donor.  So far these three have donated $3 million total to Priorities USA. 

Hollywood is also stepping up to the super PAC plate.  Actor Morgan Freeman contributed a cool million dollars to Priorities USA, along with other notables like directors J.J. Abrams, Steven Spielberg and the comedian Chelsea Handler.

And no discussion of Democrat deep pockets would be complete without a mention of the ubiquitous progressive under-writer George Soros. Soros threw $1 million dollars to the David Brock run American Bridge PAC, which focuses on opposition research. Brock is the mascot and figure head of the mudslinging Media Matters empire, which also coincidently focuses on opposition research.

Penny Pritzker, reportedly MIA from the Obama PAC campaign coiffures, recently surfaced aboard Air Force One. 

The super PAC times, they are a changin’.

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