Gov. Christie to Expand New Jersey Gun Laws

Gov. Christie to Expand New Jersey Gun Laws

Although New Jersey already has the second most stringent gun laws in the nation, Governor Chris Christie is expanding them to include guns rarely (if ever) used in crimes–guns like the Barrett .50 cal.

The Barrett .50 is hugely popular with upper-end gun aficionados. But with ammo for the weapon at almost $5 a round, its price makes it far less popular with run of the mill, average gun owners. 

Nonetheless, Christie wants the gun banned and he wants to put controls on ammunition. 

Christie also wants to limit childrens’ accessibility to violent video games by providing that “a legal guardian provide consent” when a teen buys a video game rated “Mature” or “Adults Only.”

Will these measures reduce gun crime? Christie said, “I don’t know.” He added, “Bad people are going to do bad things and so, would greater penalties deter people? You hope they do.”