Obama: I Was A ‘Fat’ And ’Smart Alecky’ Kid

President Barack Obama says he was “fat” when he was a kid growing up in Hawaii, as well as “smart alecky.”

“If you met me when I was 10 the first thing you would think is, ‘He’s fat,’” Obama said. “I was husky and I was kind of a smart alecky kid.”

Obama participated in an interview with Derek Jeter for the baseball star’s new media platform “The Players’ Tribune.

By age fifteen, Obama said, he was still a little “chunky” but had slimmed down. When asked what he would say to his younger self, Obama indicated that he wished he would have studied more.

“At fifteen I would have told myself, ‘Hit the books and stop goofing off,’” Obama said. “Because at fifteen I was not the most responsible young man. I loved basketball but outside of basketball, I was getting by on charm and wit, but not taking my schoolwork as seriously as I could have.”

He explained that after graduation Harvard, he was probably a little too serious.

“At 25, I would have told myself to lighten up,” he said, pointing out he was organizing and reading and didn’t have much of a social life.

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