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Pelosi: Trump Owes Obama an Apology

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” while discussing President Donald Trump’s tweets accusing former President Barack Obama’s administration of wiretapping Trump Tower before the election, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Trump should apologize to Obama. Pelosi said, “It’s

Trump Budget Proposes to End Obama’s Federal Land Grabs

Donald Trump has pledged to end the federal acquisition of land, which rose by record levels under Barack Obama, and instead invest in preserving its current holdings as part of a series of interior reforms in the Trump White House’s first budget proposals.

BARNES: The Media, Obama, and the Deep State

Whenever the media loses control over a powerful term, be it “fake news” or “deep state,” they react with infantile rage, and immediately demand cessation of the term in its “unapproved” use. As part of that process, they attempt to restrict its historical application to some definition that delimits its use against their ideological interest. Their attempt to rescript the meaning of words gives new meaning to Orwellian for the media’s would-be Ministry of Information.

Los Angeles Olympics (Tony Duffy / Getty)

L.A. Olympics CEO: Trump More Helpful than Obama

LA2024 Chief Executive Officer Gene Sykes told Southern California Public Radio’s 89.3 KPCC last Thursday that President Donald Trump had been more helpful than President Barack Obama in helping to secure the 2024 Olympics for Los Angeles.