Maine Democrat Threatens to Make Trump a ‘Half Term’ President in Facebook Rant

Maine Rep Hamann JOEL PAGE:AP
Joel Page/AP

A Maine lawmaker threatened President Donald Trump in an unhinged Facebook tirade Tuesday — saying he would make Trump a “half term” president if he got close to him.

“Trump is a half term president, at most, especially if I ever get within 10 feet of that pussy,” Democratic State Rep. Scott Hamann said in the Facebook post on Tuesday.

In the post, apparently responding to another Facebook user, Hamann launches into the tirade by claiming Trump was “installed by the Russians, because they wanted to undermine American democracy and embarrass our country.”

He goes on to call Trump a “joke” and an “admitted rapist” before accusing him of being “anti-American” because he criticized “war hero John McCain.” However, he has only nice things to say about President Obama:

Conversely, President Obama ran quite possibly the classiest 2 term presidency in US history, no scandals, successful commander in chief, zero rape victims, and he improved the economy month after month in terms of unemployment, GDP and stock market. And he did all of that despite opposition from the racist Republicans who would not let a black president succeed.

He then appears to take a swipe at Breitbart News: “Don’t like the truth? Can’t handle facts unless they come from Breitbart or Anonymous or your drunk uncle?  Well then fuck you, snowflake. You’re a fucking pussy. And you people are destroying America.”

In a statement to Bangor Daily News, Hamann said he regretted the remarks, which he said did not reflect his views and were made to a childhood friend.

“This is not language I typically use, it does not reflect my personal values and, while misguided, it was intended to make a visceral point about the devolving political discourse in America,” Hamann said.

Maine Republican Chair Demo Kouzounas condemned the remarks, saying: “Words cannot even begin to describe the revulsion I feel after reading [Hamann’s] recent tirade that has come to light.”

“The best way I can describe these comments is simple: unhinged and dangerous,” she said.

Hamann’s remarks come less than a month after a Bernie Sanders supporter opened fire on a Republican baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, seriously injuring Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA.) Scalise remains in serious condition from the injuries he sustained.

Adam Shaw is a Breitbart News politics reporter based in New York. Follow Adam on Twitter:  @AdamShawNY