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On This New Year's Eve We Drink to the Tea Party


So, the focus of this special episode of Red Eye is alcohol.

Or, to be more precise: the Red Eye stories that made us drink the most.

And my pick is the media’s pathetic response to the public’s growing dissatisfaction with President Obama.

The media, befuddled that Captain Awesome wasn’t getting any love from an angry America, imploded. Whined. Fretted.

But these dopes also pointed fingers. Mostly at America. And of course, the Tea Party. As I have said before, the Tea Party is the most organic movement I’ve seen since the time I ate a box of Fibercon.

Yep, the Tea Party is a populist movement so antithetical to trumped up media trends like killer bees, push presents, or manmade global warming, that it actually caused three phony, manufactured movements as a response!

Yep – the gloating Jon Stewart rally, the silly No Labels wussfest and the ridiculed Coffee Party arose because the Tea Party scared the crap out of hacks, who had no choice but to flee to their treehouses and map out a response.

But it wasn’t just them. The Tea Party incurred wrath from the other usual suspects: Matthews, Olby, Maddow, Contessa Brewer, and every other lefty still sleeping in a onesy.

All because they couldn’t control this thing.

The fact is, the media hated the Tea Party, because it hates competition. The Tea Party was that. As a movement, it was tougher than leather, harder to beat than good whisky. Watching the media try to defame it because it couldn’t beat it, made me drink.

Mostly because I like to drink.

And if you disagree with me, you’re a racist homophobe who’s worse than Hitler.

For this special show, we’ve got

-Patti Ann Browne

-Rob Long

-Mike Baker

and lots of kittens!

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