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More 'What About the Children' Non-science

So The Center for Science in the Public Interest, a group full of fusspots and nannypants, has asked the government to ban artificial coloring.

According to the New York Times, the group claims the dyes might worsen hyperactivity in some children.

Now the key to that sentence is “might,” and “some.” Meaning you’d find more real science in an episode of Blossom than in a CSPI press release.

A government advisory panel has stated that there’s no proof dyes cause these issues, and even if there was a slight connection, it would be inconsequential. Most of this is anecdotal stories – the medical equivalent of urban legends.

But that doesn’t matter to health crusaders, for they do not care if they’re on the wrong side of statistics. All they need to do is shout, “what about the children,” and assume we’ll fall in line. It’s a ruse not born from concern, but envious disdain for industry, for success.

Health fascists like CSPI hate human creativity, productivity, consumption and exploitation of resources for the betterment of man, because that stuff works. And success is the polar opposite of a watchdog group, where a scold’s only job is to undermine the jobs of others.

In contrast, today McDonald’s just announced the hiring of 50 thousand new workers. By offering economic opportunity to so many people, that corporation saves more lives than CSPI could ever dream of with their shrill pronouncements.

And while some blogs scoff at these “McJobs,” that says more about the smugness of those who blog, than whose who work.

Bottom line: CSPI wants to ban pleasure because they seem incapable of experiencing it. They want food to be as colorless and bland, as the lives they lead.

If they were a cereal, they would be Fiber 1.

And if you disagree with me, you’re a racist homophobe.


Mahsa Saeidi Azcuy

Paul Mecurio

Marc Lamont Hill

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