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Trailer Talk: 'Snow White and the Huntsman'


Well fiddle-dee-dee … another fairy-tale inspired story in the making in Hollywood!

[youtube VY67V0wOlz8 nolink]


Guess Universal Pictures decided to get on board with the fairy tale trend after “Alice in Wonderland” and “Red Riding Hood” were received so well from the critics. Not! “Alice” scored a mediocre 52 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, while ‘Red’ sits at a measly 11 percent.

But Hollywood doesn’t make movies for critics, they make them for the money, and any film that bounces off of a fairy tale is likely to bring in major dough. With director Tim Burton’s “Alice” raking in more than $300 million, I’m sure “Alice” producer Joe Roth is looking to bring in a similar dollar amount with his new spin on a classic yarn.

The Roth-produced “Snow White and the Huntsman,” hitting theaters in Summer 2012, is Hollywood’s latest attempt to turn a fairy tale into a blockbuster. In a twist to the genre, the Huntsman (a “Thor”-reminiscent Chris Hemsworth) is ordered to take Snow White (Kristen Stewart) into the woods to be killed. He ends up becoming her protector as they battle to take down the Evil Queen (Charlize Theron).

The trailer centers around Theron’s wicked Queen, with the actress looking more beautiful (and scarier) than ever. K. Stew puts on her usual stoic face as Snow White which doesn’t look much different from “Twilight’s” Bella. Not sure how I feel about this “Snow White” because of Stewart’s involvement. She is a horrible actress, and if she can’t pull it together for this movie, then she needs to take a break and try theater, where she would be much better suited.

It’s still almost a lock that “Snow White” will take the number one spot its opening weekend thanks to the “Alice” connection behind the scenes and a cast sure to draw a diverse crowd.

The other “Snow White” film, “Mirror, Mirror,” is set for a March 2012 release and stars Julia Roberts and Lily Collins. May the best twisted tale win.

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