Dennis Miller Blasts Hollywood, Calls Stars 'Scolds' Who Want to Police Free Expression

Dennis Miller Blasts Hollywood, Calls Stars 'Scolds' Who Want to Police Free Expression

Don’t expect Dennis Miller’s name to be considered for Oscar hosting duties in 2014 … or anytime thereafter.

The Saturday Night Live alum and talk radio mainstay eviscerated both the Oscar telecast and the stars sucking up to the Obama administration during a rant for the ages on Fox News last night. Clearly, the appearance of First Lady Michelle Obama announcing the Best Picture winner lit Miller’s fuse, but his comments about Hollywood’s Thought Police should be required reading across the culture.

“Hollywood used to fight the power, now they invite the power,” Miller said of the First Lady’s “surprise” appearance at the end of the telecast. “I’m not offended, I’m bored. Can I get a night off from these people … just one night, that’s all I’m asking.”

Miller saved his toughest jabs for the modern stars, particularly the older actors who were once oh, so eager to question authority. Now, they rush to censor every joke they don’t like.

“All the cool kids … they’ve turned into the scolds. All the old hipsters are now the biggest squares. You can’t say anything in front of them. They’re watching you all the time,” he said.

“They have become everything they made fun of on their way up in the ’70s. All those Bonnie and Clyde movies, fight the power, don’t give in to The Man. They are The Man. They don’t even realize it.”

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