Joss Stone 'Feels Sorry' for Men Who Wanted to Behead Her

Joss Stone 'Feels Sorry' for Men Who Wanted to Behead Her

British soul singer Joss Stone is speaking out about the two men who plotted to behead her.

Stone, 26, was the target of a murder plan by two men who wanted to steal her fortune and use a Samurai sword against her back in June 2011. The men were arrested before they could get too close to her, but the ramifications of the plot clearly impacted her. The singer now lives a more sedate life in which she avoids touring and sticks close to friends and family.

As for her would-be assassins, Stone has pity for them and their families.

There was a big part of me that felt sorry for them, sorry for their mums. I kept thinking, “What drives people to do something so awful as this?” ‘How do you get to a point in your life where things are so bad, so confused that this seems the right thing to do?’I thought about their mums, how they must feel. Someone comes to their door and says, “Your child has tried to murder someone.”

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