Media's 'Consistent With' Mantra Consistent With Widespread MSM Panic

I’ve been scarce of late, with a lot of recent travel, then this past week crashing on a book the cite-check, dashing out for a magazine interview you won’t believe so I’ll see if it goes to print before mentioning it, and guest-hosting for G. Gordon Liddy. Instead of staying for the G-Man’s Tuesday show I had to bail and head back out to the country, as I would have been trapped in D.C. as opposed to at home by that latest installment of winter deluge that is, apparently, precisely what scientists have been predicting as a result of global warming. Even though severe winters returned a few years ago once we began cooling. More on that momentarily.

But before heading out after Monday’s show I sat in a cube at Radio America and worked on a chapter, while someone for some reason had MSNBC on a cube over. Really loud.


That was an experience, my first with the new, openly loony MSNBC (I’ve far too little time to waste watching revved up versions of broadcast media I abandoned years ago, as I had been informed was the case and which proved to be an understatement). It had a certain comical quality to it, if heavy-handed and fevered amid the collapsing of their hopeychangey candidate and his signature issues, Scott Brown, Sarah Palin having just looked out to see her shadow and another six years of tormenting them, and now severe winter weather.

Listening to the late-afternoon news shows I felt a bit like I was looking through a one-way mirror on an SNL skit practice. OK, guys, we just know that Fox is a hit-job operation — I mean, everyone we know knows that — so let’s parody a bunch of really angry teenagers trying their hand at a right back atchoo!

Anyway, one host went off on a rant about how the severe winter weather we are experiencing on the Eastern seaboard, again, and nationally the severe winter we are experiencing, again, was precisely what scientists have predicting for years we should expect. That’s very close if not an exact quote, which I know because I heard it replayed again on a radio show the next day and then on a television talk show last night. At first, none of the new weasel-wording of “consistent with” — you know, how whatever happens is “consistent with what we should expect,” as trotted out upon publication of the unfortunate Steig, et al. which claimed to replace the “consistent” cooling of the Antarctic with a “consistent” warming of said Antarctic, titter.

Or as tried last winter. But nope. This was precisely what scientists have been predicting (the weasel-wording of “consistent with” came after what I assume was a moment of reflection). Then Keith Olbermann treated us to a remarkable new definition of climate change which, particularly when reconciled with the decade-plus long “global warming” campaign is all the more amusing by his attitude as he slowly sinks into it. This oh-you-people-are-so-stupid pose when flaunting one’s own ignorance really adds a certain spice.

[youtube s0YahyL0o3s nolink]

I’m not sure but I believe that Olby is telling us that of course the Eastern seaboard was supposed to get colder and snowier and that’s why it is, duh. And, er, and why the Midwest is, too. All of those places that were supposed to get warmer which is why they were were really supposed to get colder and that’s why they are. Science! Watch the clip, it’s short. And disregard people who, unlike Olberman and his peers, didn’t just jump to this issue to try and save the agenda and/or insulate a particularly strange and rather primitive worldview which, for many, drives it.

Yet, oddly, I actually had not heard that, but instead the opposite, and quite regularly (see “D’Aleao”, below). So I asked around. Because, really, you would think that these guys at MSNBC and others would trot these scientists out to point to their precise predictions of this. I mean, if they could.

Apparently, this insistence was the result of a blog post on Team Soros’ site, as one fellow who has his own highly trafficked website responded that “Dr. Jeff Masters at Weather Underground via Romm [that’s Team Soros’ Joe “the Assassin” Romm] is what got this elevated.”

Masters is a meteorologist and meteorologists are relevant to the debate but only when they agree. And otherwise they are utterly irrelevant, including according to Romm who here calls Masters an “uber-meteorologist”. Which means he agrees with Romm (I wrote about this specific practice in Red Hot Lies.)

This Masters fellow is also the only guy that the New York Times mustered to support the statement that:

Most climate scientists respond that the ferocious storms are consistent with forecasts that a heating planet will produce more frequent and more intense weather events.

Re-read that. Then overlook the “most climate scientists” thing — wow, he’s been a busy journalist! And who knew scientists were suddenly so loath to go on the record!? — so as to soak this one up:

It is perhaps not coincidental that the snowstorm scuffle is playing out against a background of recent climate controversies: In recent months, global-warming critics have assailed a 2007 report by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and have claimed that e-mail messages and documents plucked from a server at a climate research center in Britain raise doubts about the academic integrity of some climate scientists. Earlier this week, Rush Limbaugh and other conservative commentators made light of the fact that the announcement of the creation of a new federal climate service on Monday had to be conducted by conference call, rather than news conference, because the federal government was shuttered by the storm.

Coffee-spitting hilarious. And, er, what isn’t coincidental about these storms and another wicked winter coming on the heels of those global warming’s scandals? Did, ah, the Republicans arrange for it? Do tell. I smell a mighty big conspiracy coming. Or one soon-to-be-unhappy editor heaeded back from a coffee break right about… nnnnnow.

So, anyway, it seems that GE has some marching orders out to the kids over at MSNBC. They’ve got all of those old Enron Wind contraptions lying around that aren’t going to mandate themselves, people! And the Gray Lady is coming unglued. Alarmists are scrambling. NASA as we already know is freaking out.

For more, detailed and very enjoyable expose, head over to read Joe D’Aleo, a meteorologist and publisher of ICECAP, whose digging has produced observational data and other gems reflecting quite poorly on the unfolding, panicked claims.


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