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Do Not Doubt Him: El Rushbo Praises Michael Walsh's New Thriller – 'Vince Flynn Caliber'


Early Warning

Guess what’s on Rush Limbaugh’s reading list.

In his opening monologue this morning, Rush Limbaugh touted the novel Early Warning, written by Big Journalism‘s own editor-in-chief, Michael Walsh and published earlier this month.

Rush plans to steal Walsh’s term from the book “bed-wetters at the New York Times” to describe those handwringing journalists populating the Make-Believe Media. From the transcript:

RUSH: I am reading a book: Early Warning. The author sent me a paperback version of the book, Michael Walsh is his name. It just came out this year. It is a great, great, great political thriller. I’ll have to get the name. It’s total escapism, but he’s got a great, great, great term for people at the New York Times. He calls them the bed-wetters at the New York Times, meaning all the hand-wringing, just constantly afraid of the wrong things, by the way. The bed-wetters at the New York Times, I’m going to steal that. Early Warning is the second in a series. The head honcho character is a guy named Devlin and this is the second of the two. I don’t know who the guy is. He sent me an autographed copy of the paperback version of the second Devlin book, a little note in there says, “Here’s a little book, spend some time when you’re flying around, airplane reading.” I noticed that it was the second, so I have ’em both on my iPad. You know, iBooks has one of them, and I had to go to Barnes & Noble to get the other one. I read books on my iPad now.

By the way folks, I’m running — well, never mind. Steve Jobs will get mad at me. I’ve already got Hank Haney mad at me, so I’m not going to tell you that.

At any rate, it’s a great term, bed-wetters at the New York Times.


RUSH: Michael Walsh is part of Breitbart’s team at, which is devoted to media commentary. You’ll love Walsh’s books because he writes them from the standpoint of America having caved in to the chickification of things, bunch of wusses that are governed by politically correct people at all levels of government. You’ll love the books. Hostile Intent’s the first one. And there’s a George Soros-like character in this book: Emanuel Skorzeny. He lives on a Boeing 707. These are Vince Flynn caliber. They’re right up there. So, there you have it.

hostile intent

Mr. Walsh sent Rush an autographed paperback version of the political thriller with a personal note suggesting it as good reading material for Rush’s frequent plane flights.

Rush explained that he did not know Walsh personally, but knew of him as one of Breitbart’s team at Big Journalism and the other Big sites.

Rush praised Walsh’s writing, promising his audience that they would love Walsh’s books, comparing Walsh’s writing caliber to that of author Vince Flynn. Early Warning is the second in Walsh’s fictional series. The series begins with the book Hostile Intent.”

Two hours after Rush’s broadcast, Hostile Intent and Early Warning were ranked #167 and #172 respectively at’s Best Sellers. As of now, both books sit in the paid Kindle download Top 100, with Hostile Intent at #79 and Early Warning at #96, while their paperback versions have risen to 130 and 148, respectively.

Walsh’s other new book, Rules for Radical Conservatives by the pseudonymous “David Kahane” was published yesterday; you can hear him tonight at 8:30 eastern on the Mark Levin radio show and see him tomorrow night (Thursday) on the Sean Hannity Show on Fox News.

Thanks, Rush!

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