Politico: Republicans Better at 'Diversity' than Democrats

Politico: Republicans Better at 'Diversity' than Democrats

Buried within an article on Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s run for U.S. Senate, Edward-Isaac Dovere of Politico admits “the irony that in the age of Obama, Republicans have done a better job than Democrats of bringing diversity through their ranks.” 

That is a reality ignored all too often by the mainstream media in its rush to declare Republicans, and especially those from the Tea Party movement, as racist, white, male, and old.

In fact, the emergence of the Tea Party helped bring black and female candidates to the forefront of the GOP, as political newcomers seized (and created) political opportunities–often in opposition to the Republican establishment. 

The irony, Dovere notes, is that Cory Booker has become a rare exception in the age of Obama–a viable black candidate in a party that has a near-complete lock on the African-American vote.