MSBNC: NRA Voters Spell 'Trouble For Democrats' In November 2014

MSBNC: NRA Voters Spell 'Trouble For Democrats' In November 2014

On July 24, MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow and Jonathan Alter discussed the NRA’s “Trigger the Vote” campaign for the upcoming November elections, and the overall success NRA voters have over Democrats in midterm elections.

Farrow said the NRA’s current campaign “is a more concise, stronger piece of messaging to convey than the [gun control side] in many ways.” He then turned to Alter, who described the NRA’s PR as “terrific.”

Atler said the “Trigger the Vote” campaign appears to be working “pretty well” as an ad to “drive voter registration.” 

He said “the Democrats were the ones who got really good at this in 2012,” then he said Democrats have to remember that “gun owners have always voted in large numbers.” 

Alter summarized by saying: “Democrats don’t vote in midterms, [but] people like these NRA voters do, and that means trouble for the Democrats.”

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