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Scarborough Blames Israel Again, Blasts Critics

Scarborough Blames Israel Again, Blasts Critics

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, host of Morning Joe, blasted his critics as “simpleminded” for objecting to his rant against Israel on Thursday morning. In the show’s opening on Friday, Scarborough condemned the “mindless political posturing” of those who complained about his accusation that Israel had killed women and children with “indiscriminate” attacks, and his suggestion that Hamas was not a radical Islamist organization.

Scarborough did not recant or correct these views. Nor did he mention Israel’s claims that Hamas had fired from within or near UN facilities that had been hit, allegedly, by Israeli return fire. 

Instead, Scarborough argued that he had Israel’s best interests at heart–that its actions in Gaza were hurting its international image, as well as restoring Hamas’s popularity in the region, and that the United States would also suffer as a result.

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