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Seeds of totalitarianism


Professor Marc Lamont Hill is angling to become the public face of the “Team Dorner” mutants, popping up on CNN to hail the late left-wing spree killer as a “real-life superhero” whose story was “exciting” and brought much-needed attention to the subject of “police terrorism.”  By that, he means other cops committing what he considers terrorism, not ex-cop-turned-terrorist Christopher Dorner.

Called out for this nauseating display, Hill essentially claims that he’s just fascinated by the people who are fascinated by Dorner… a cute little “two degrees of separation” from evil.  He doesn’t endorse what Dorner did, you understand.  He just endorses the people who endorse what Dorner did.  And now that all the bloodshed is behind us, why not take Dorner’s brilliant manifesto and deep concerns seriously?  That way, his killing spree won’t have been a “waste of our time.”

It’s all so drearily reminiscent of the moth-and-flame relationship the hard Left always has with its killers, ranging from Che Guevara to the likes of the previous top celeb cop-killer, Mumia Abu-Jamal (with whom Hill has co-authored a book.)  There’s something so fascinating to them about the descent of totalitarian political righteousness to its ultimate extreme: killing the dissident, or even just killing random innocents to get attention.  

Some of these lefties are struggling to hold back outright hero worship of Dorner’s despicable acts, in much the same manner as the girl on the cover of a bodice-ripping romance novel holds back her dashing pirate captor.  Needless to say, they would experience no such strange fascination with a Klansman who murdered a few people to call attention to his racial theories.  

Civilization embraces tolerance… but it also sees the value of intolerance.  There are deal-breakers.  And once the deal has been broken, the indulgence of barbarism is a fearful sign of social decay.

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