106 Year Old Woman To Graduate From High School

Reba Williams, a 106 year old woman from Columbus, Ohio will receive her high school diploma soon. According to the Mansfield Journal:

Williams was born Jan. 23, 1907, in Germantown, Pa. to Sherman and Myrtle Lavata Williams. Her family moved to Mount Vernon when she was a child.

She never graduated from Mount Vernon High School even though she completed all 12 years.

Her daughter Lavata Williams said Reba refused to read a book a teacher assigned. The school even asked her to take it home and read it over the summer and they would give her the diploma if she wrote a report.

“(Reba) said the book was not worth reading and she’d already read it once and didn’t like it and wasn’t going to read it again,” Lavata said. “My grandmother told me the story more than once.”

Despite Williams’s lack of a high school diploma, she is wiser than millions of Americans with Ivy league educations, Juris Doctorates, and PhDs. :

“With great common sense she raised Lavata, sending her to school in Lucas, seeing she graduated,” Geld said. “Giving advice to our Nanny about me, as a teenager. ‘Nothing wrong with their going to the Lakes, they dance their feet off to all those big bands. Better than hanging around here with nothing to do.’

Geld said the last time she saw Reba, about five years ago, she asked if she had voted for Obama, thinking she had for sure.

Geld said Reba was “always strong minded and straight to the point.”