Law School to Allow Termination of Tenured Faculty

If college and universities want to survive, they should follow the Brooklyn Law School’s lead.  From the TaxProf Blog:

Brian Leiter (Chicago) reports that Brooklyn Law School’s Board of Trustees has adopted rules permitting the termination of tenured faculty for “adequate cause,” defined to include “demonstrated incompetence” — “including but not limited to, multiple unsatisfactory performance reviews or complaints from supervisors; multiple complaints from students or multiple unsatisfactory student evaluations; sub-standard academic performance; lack of collegiality.”

Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds notes “I’m sure that there’s a Brooklyn-specific backstory to this, but it has to be read against the background of plummeting applications, especially to lower-tier-but-expensive schools like Brooklyn. Making it easier to get rid of faculty may be essential to their survival, enough so that they’re willing to take the inevitable hit in terms of recruiting.